One digital heart
to rule them all

A versatile infrastructure based on ReactJS and NodeJS, repleted with functionalities, ready to be adapted to your business model and deployed securely before others.



Centralized Data

Storing and securing your business data in a central data hub allows for scalability, security, and performance across the board. You will be able to update, edit and manage all associated devices, pages and applications from one push of a button.


Business Model Integration API

We build our solutions from scratch and specifically adapt them to our customers. This means that it is a solid, exclusive and private-base functionalities from a pre-build customizable interface that will help you save money and development time.


Zero Trust Security

We provide the latest security architectures and trust-profile models. Our technology integrates MFA, one core value for Zero Trust Security that requires more than one piece of evidence to authenticate a user.


Grow as you need

Binaryblocks strives for organic adaptability utilizing the business’ own data metrics, workflows and structures to furnish stable growth and functionality as needed when needed.


Performance like a pro

We build exceptional performing products that increase visitor retention while improving the overall user experience and satisfaction.


Agile methodology

Versatile and adaptable to fit the right piece to the right puzzle, Binaryblocks maintains transparency with the client to either incrementally change or maintain a brand structure, or rapidly fix or complete the required challenge. Binaryblocks morphs to fit the client’s needs.


Deploy faster and be found before the competition

Our Core-Structure is composed of functionalities that save time in development. Binaryblocks will also dedicate a team of ReactJS expert engineers to your project to ensure your brand and solutions outpace the field.


RESTful API Integrations

Don't reinvent the wheel and integrate any third-parties API with Binaryblocks. It is as agile and flexible as you need it.

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